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New Supreme Court of the Russian Federation: Adam Delimkhanov and Ilya Traber

Rucriminal.info continues to publish documents that reveal to the reader the secrets of major business battles that usually remain inaccessible to mere mortals. These are the documents of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for Moscow and the fourth Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation regarding a friend of the entire Petersburg elite Ilya Traber and State Duma deputy from Chechnya Adam Delimkhanov. The way they participated in the "showdown" around the company "Norebo. Earlier, we published a resolution of investigators in which they asked the FSB officers to organize the monitoring and documentation of the criminal activity of Ilya Traber. And today we give evidence about how the participants passed threats from Traber and Delimkhanov. The employees of the Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners Law Firm (EPAM) (created by the classmate of the head of state Nikolai Egorov) were frightened.

A brief history is as follows. Once Vitaly Orlov and Alexander Tugushev were partners, they created the Norebo fishing holding, estimated now at billions. Then a “war” began between the partners, Orlov and Tugushev pulled influential patrons to their side. As a result, various criminal cases, endless trials in the courts appeared. This "war" continues to this day. However, some of her moments remain behind the scenes. A light published by Rucriminal.info will shed light on these moments.

“From the explanations of the lawyer of JSB“ EPAM ”Savvin Yu.V. It follows that in early November 2015 at the address: Moscow, 3rd Donskoy proezd, 1, apt. 97, he met with AA Runner, who said that he wanted to meet with D.O. Afanasyev, since EPAM represents the interests of the Karat group of companies, and AA Runner I wanted to discuss the settlement of the dispute between A. Tugushev and Orlov V.P. At the same time, during the conversation Begun A.A. He said that he did not represent the interests of A. Tugushev, but represented the interests of other persons. After that Runner A.A. explained that the initial initiators of the negotiations with D. Afanasyev there are some "southern investors" who act at the request of A. Tugushev According to Begun A.A., competent recommendations of Afanasyev DO. will help resolve the dispute. The Bureau may receive US $ 5-10,000,000 for dispute resolution. In addition, Runner A.A. explained that Tugushev A.I. and Orlov V.P. had a common business in a group of companies with a foreign partner Roth M., however, due to the fact that Tugushev A.I. was prosecuted and sentenced to 6 years in prison, he could not fully participate in the management of the business. By agreement between all three partners of the group, the share of A. Tugushev during the period of his absence, it was drawn up indirectly for him, but he did not explain to whom exactly. After being released from prison, A. Tugushev demanded from Orlov V.P. restore his rights to 1/3 of the group’s business, however Orlov V.P. He refused it. About this meeting, he informed his colleagues in the bureau, A. A. Krasnikhin

Around November 10-11, 2015, he met with the Runner in Moscow on Ordzhonikidze Street. During this meeting Begun A.A. explained that he could disclose the names of "southern investors" and other initiators of the meetings. Data information, according to the Begun A.A., Traber I.I. After that Runner A.A. named the names of A. Delimkhanov, I. Traber himself, and P. V. Krotov As explained by Begun A.A., Tugushev A.I. turned to a wealthy person unknown to him (Begun A.A.), who asked A. Delimkhanov and I.I. Traber settle the conflict. According to Begun A.A., Delimkhanov A. involved P.V. Krotov as a lawyer and co-investor Also Begun A.A. explained that, to resolve the situation with the shareholders of the Karat group, then Afanasyev DO. and Orlov V.P. will remain alone in front of A. Delimkhanov and P. Krotov

November 13, 2015, at 13 hours 30 minutes, in the office of the law office “Egorov Puginsky Afanasyev and Partners” at the address: 24, Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg, he and A. Krasnikhin met with the Runner A.A. During the meeting, A. Runner confirmed the information previously communicated to him (Savvin Yu.V.), explaining that A. Delimkhanov is highly effective in corporate matters due to the fact that they are very doubtful in terms of the purity of their performance. Also Begun A.A. said that A. Delimkhanov is a man whom no one will stop and who will easily convince any counterparty of the need to achieve the desired result. To the spoken phrases of the Runner A.A. He reacted calmly, but at the same time considered that for the client of EPAM Orlov VP, these expressions could cause associations and a sense of danger. Threats against him from A. Runner he was not received.

Repeatedly interviewed during the audit, the lawyer of JSB EPAM Burkovskaya V.A. explained that on November 13, 2015, she called A. Krasnykhin and said that on 10.11.2015, a meeting between the client of the bureau, V. Orlov, was to be held in the office of "EPAM" and Tugushev A.I. At the same time, for unknown reasons, the meeting was V. Orlov. canceled. At the same time, on the indicated day at 4 p.m., the office of the bureau at the address: Moscow, Bolshaya Ordynka d. 40, p. 5, arrived Tugushev A.I. accompanied by Konkova A.V., Runner A.A. and Krotova P.V., who introduced himself as a businessman. During the meeting, Krasnykhin A.A. The demand for transfer to A. Tugushev was voiced 33% of the Karat group shares owned by Orlov V.P. Also Krasnykhin A.A. said that a similar message in content Begun A.A. handed Savvin Yu.V., explaining that Tugushev A.I. appealed to an unknown wealthy person with a request to resolve the conflict between the shareholders, in connection with which he attracted A. Delimkhanov and Krotov. ”

To be continued

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